Plant Based Charcuterie Is The Hottest Trend For The Vegan Crowd

A vegan charcuterie or grazing board is a selection of plant-based finger foods curated onto a board with an aesthetic presentation. But contrary to what the term “plant based” might imply, this is not your mama’s chopped broccoli and cucumber party platter. No not at all. Once you get away from the traditional meat offering, the rules go out the window as well.

Pinterest's annual trend report forecasts that creative presentations will be the highlight of 2021, in addition to incorporating novel types of food into food board assembly. The New York Times echoes this sentiment, calling grazing boards “2021's most gorgeous food trend” while Delish magazine rates grazing boards “one of the hottest trends for 2021.” 

“Creating a plant based board is alchemy at it's best,” says plant-based chef, Manuela Scalini. “If we let go of the limitations of what a traditional charcuterie is by definition and start playing with the infinite possibilities from the plant world, every board becomes an unique expression of colors, textures, flavors and flairs.”

The variety of colors and textures found in nature translate beautifully to a board format. Setting out a vegan board at a gathering is an interactive way for someone to introduce a plant-based diet to friends or family who might be curious or even skeptical.